LeBron James Pays Tribute To Late Kobe Bryant & His Family With Black Mamba Lakers Jersey

LeBron James admitted to hoping to make the late Kobe Bryant’s family ‘proud’ by dressed in Black Mamba L.A. Lakers jerseys over the course of the team’s games at the NBA finals after their latest win.

LeBron James, 35, is continuing to honor ex L.A. Lakers player Kobe Bryant, who died in Jan. after a tragic helicopter crash, by dressed in his Black Mamba jerseys over the course of the NBA Finals this week. After coming off the high of winning Game 2 of the finals against Miami Heat on Oct. 2, the skilled athlete opened up about the significance of his team switching their normal yellow and purple uniforms to the darker color and expressed his wishes for making Kobe’s family proud. “It’s always special to represent someone that meant so much, not only to the game but obviously to the Lakers organization for 20-plus years,” LeBron said in a postgame interview. “For us ……

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