Lauren Graham Talks Spending 5 Months Away From Partner Peter Krause Due To COVID, Discloses Why It Was An Adjustment Coming back Home

Lauren Graham’s longtime partner and “Parenthood” co-star Peter Krause has an interesting way of coping over the course of the pandemic.
“The Mighty Ducks: Game Changers” star Graham appears on Thursday’s “Ellen DeGeneres Show”, telling the host when asked how her other half is: “Our unique situation was because ‘The Mighty Ducks’ shot in Vancouver and because of quarantine, I couldn’t come and go.
“Normally it’s a two-hour flight, you come home on the weekends, but I couldn’t do that. So we were separated for almost five months, which had never happened before.”
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Graham jokes, “When I came home the house was a little distinct, there were more piles I would say,” adding: “He and his boy …

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