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Late-Night TV Hosts Mock Donald Trump For Appearing To Wear His Pants Backwards At North Carolina Speech

It’s been a while, but late-night TV hosts were back to poking fun at Donald Trump Monday night.
Trump hit headlines once again this week, but this time it wasn’t because of what he said over the course of his speech Saturday at North Carolina Republican Party’s state convention, it was because of his pants.
It looked like the ex U.S. president was dressed in his pants backwards, which obviously prompted a response from Stephen Colbert, Jimmy Kimmel, Jimmy Fallon, James Corden and more.
“This weekend, ex President Trump talked at North Carolina’s Republican convention, but all anyone’s talking about is the way his pants looked,” Fallon said.
“It’s like he’s dressed in a fanny pack on the inside of his pants. It looks like he bumped into something and his pants deployed an airbag.”
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