Lance Bass Thinks Colton Underwood’s Coming Out Will Face Some Backlash For This Unexpected Cause… – Perez Hilton

Lance Bass offered some advice to Colton Underwood as he thinks the reality star will face some backlash after coming out. But it’s not for the cause you may think…
The ex NSYNC singer got real on the latest episode of the Ben & Ashley I. Almost Famous Podcast, explaining how he relates to the Bachelor lead since “90 percent of my followers were women, and they all thought I was straight.” As you may comprehend, Bass came out as gay in 2006 when he appeared on the cover of People’s July issue that year.
“I made my money off women and singing about love and using that market. So me coming out, it was scary … cause now everyone is gonna see me as a liar..”
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The boy band member went on to describe that Colton might come ……

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