LA County Working To Return Multi-Million Dollar Piece Of Beach Land To Descendants Of The Original Black Owners It Was Taken From – The Shade Room

Justice is rarely swift in these situations but as conversations about reparations for the Black community press on, a few California legislators are actively working to right a almost century-old wrong. Los Angeles County Supervisor Janice Hahn said the county will return some prime real estate of Manhattan Beach land to the descendants of a Black couple who operated a beach resort there that was trashed by white residents and eventually condemned and seized by the city.
According to ABC7 LA, transferring the portion of what is known as Bruce’s Beach to the descendants of Willa and Charles Bruce will require state legislation to withdraw restrictions on the land, which is now home to the county’s lifeguard training center. 
“I learned very quickly that I just can’t give the property back,” Hahn said over the course of a news conference. “It came with restrictions, where it limited our ability to ……

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