Kodak Black Denies Being A Clone

Since Kodak Black’s recent release from prison, his admirers have noticed he’s not the same as he used to be — and some have gone as far as to call the rapper a clone.

Kodak addressed the rumors in a recent live session:
“All this little cloning sh*t starting to make me mad now. Back then, all my other little bids, whenever this little cloning sh*t came out, I wasn’t really tripping on it. But now, y’all blowing me now. How the f*ck? It can’t be no other…and then — they can’t muthaf*ckin duplicate this sh*t. All kinda n*ggas be trying to imitate this sh*t, but they can’t duplicate this sh*t. These f*ck-n*ggas ain’t seeing Yak. They understand that, that’s why they was mad I came home,” he stated.

“All these n*ggas was scared, scared for me to ……

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