Kim Kardashian Isn’t Fooled By James Charles ‘TikTok Scam’

“You’re so annoying!” James said to Kim after he was caught.

James Charles was caught red-handed by Kim Kardashian when he attempted to prank her with the #ImBusyRightNow challenge.
On Wednesday night, the beauty influencer shared a video of himself participating in the viral TikTok challenge in which he phoned several of his superstar pals, including Kim, who didn’t seem to be fooled at all by the prank and called out James for the “TikTok scam.”


Jersey Shore Stars, Kendall Jenner and More Fall Victim to #ImBusy Prank
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The rules of the social media prank are pretty straightforward: the prankster calls up their buddies on FaceTime and records their confused reactions after straight away being told, “I’m busy right now, can I call you back?”
However, when James tried to prank Kim, the reality star didn’t seem to fall for it, even for a second.
As soon as ……

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