Keke Palmer Plays Coy About Mystery Man, Plus: Her Take on Politics

Last month, Keke Palmer grabbed lot of attention when she posted a 10-second video of herself planting a kiss on a white man.
“Extra’s” Rachel Lindsay talked with Palmer, who disclosed that she wasn’t necessarily shocked by the reactions, saying, “I was and wasn’t… I think it’s representative of the time… No matter who I’m mates with or who I date, that doesn’t define or invalidate my blackness.”
She added, “What I would say to anyone that’s watching that and that feels discouraged by that, there’s nothing in this globe to stop you from being you. Love who you want to love, be with who you want to be with.”When asked who the lucky guy is, Keke answered, “Oh, well, you understand… I gave you as much I could, love, you understand I gotta keep some things private.”
Keke has been ……

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