Kate McKinnon’s Savannah Guthrie Clobbers Alec Baldwin’s Donald Trump With A Chair On ‘SNL’

Jim Carrey’s Joe Biden and Alec Baldwin’s Donald Trump participated in separate town halls in this cold open on ‘SNL’ — and Kate McKinnon’s Savannah Guthrie lost her marbles!

Kate McKinnon, 36, can do no wrong! The SNL cast member appeared as Today Show host Savannah Guthrie, 48, as she questioned Alec Baldwin, 62, as Donald Trump, 74. “We have lots of questions but I’d like to start with tearing you a new one,” she quipped, setting the stage for the explosive conversation the pair were about to have. After evading a number of questions, Kate’s Savannah put him on the spot about his taxes. “The question was: “Why won’t you release your taxes?” she asked.

“That’s simple, I don’t want to go to jail,” Alec’s Trump responded, explaining that he’s “doing great” since recovering from the COVID-19 virus. “No, not at all. I’m ……

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