Karen Pulls Taser On Black Neighbors – Gets BEAT UP; Now Wants Police To ARREST!

A woman described as a “Karen” was badly beaten when she pulled a taser and appeared to attack her African American neighbors. Now MTO News has learned that the Karen is hoping to have police arrest the women who beat her up.

The incident occurred in southern New Jersey, according to reports – and could lead to prosecution.
The incident started off when the Karen pulled up at her neighbors home, looking to fight her rival, a Caucasian woman. The two women got into a fist fight, and Karen lost badly. Watch:
Part 1:

Well Karen decided to retreat, and return to her rivals door later – this time carrying a taser. Taser guns are now legal for citizen use in the state of New Jersey. New Jersey’s attorney general lately agreed to lift the state’s ban on stun guns as part of a legal settlement with a group of gun ……

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