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Karen Offers to Help Pay Black Soldier’s IHOP Bill Because ‘You Guys All Tip Like S—bags’

“I’m a US ARMY soldier & i had my first encounter with a racist woman.”
A Black U.S. Army soldier just had his first enemy engagement — with a racist Karen.
Joe Jeffers Jr. posted the gross encounter to TikTok, after he was prevented from leaving IHOP following a meal with his unit.
After the group — who are all in full uniform — paid for the food, the woman approached their table uninvited and told them: “Just so you understand, I came back in to give her the rest of the cash from my wallet,” she said, leaning in and pointing a finger in one of their faces, “because you guys all tip like s—bags.”
Displaying infinite patience, Jeffers politely asks the woman “Ma’am, please walk away. Please?”
Instead, she sits down in his booth next to him, and blocks him from leaving, prompting a “No, no no, no… ma’am can ……

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