Kardashians Trying HARD To Scrub New Khloé Kardashian Snap From Internet – Perez Hilton

Haven’t these celebs heard of the Streisand Outcome?!
For those who don’t comprehend, that’s when someone fights way too hard to cover something up on the internet, drawing far more attention to it than if they’d just ignored it. Named for the time Barbra Streisand attempted to get satellite pictures that included her house removed from Google Earth, it’s the high tech equivalent of going into a crowded restaurant and screaming, “NO ONE LOOK OVER HERE!”
The latest celebs to fall into this trap are ones you would think would be savvy enough to comprehend better: the Kardashians.
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Apparently a picture of Khloé Kardashian that didn’t meet her rigorous standards got out onto the net — and the fam’s high-powered team is doing everything they can to put the bikini-clad genie ……

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