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Kaley Cuoco Gives the Performance of Her Career in ‘The Flight Attendant’

“It was the biggest comfort,” Cuoco says. From that moment, she didn’t question her process, which allowed her the freedom she needed to channel Cassie’s extreme anxiety and mania. “Susanna was like, ‘If that’s who you are, then that’s how you’re going to do this. It’s not going to change just because the material is a little darker. That’s how you work.’”

Phil Caruso/HBO MaxThe series gets even more complicated as it goes on. After a ideal date in Bangkok with “3C”—the handsome and mysterious stranger from Cassie’s first-class cabin—she wakes up next to his bloody dead body. It’s obvious Cassie didn’t kill him, no matter how drunk she got the night before, but who did? And why? And how is Cassie going to get out of this mess?
In another actor’s hands, Cassie’s journey ……

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