Justin Bieber Thinks ‘So Many Pastors Put Themselves On This Pedestal’

Bieber, 27, analyzed church pastors in a new interview with GQ. The devout singer-songwriter says many pastors let their role go to their head.
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“I think so many pastors put themselves on this pedestal,” Bieber asserted. “Church can be surrounded around the man, the pastor, the guy, and it’s like, ‘This guy has this ultimate involvement with God that we all want but we can’t get because we’re not this guy…’ That’s not the reality, though. The reality is, every human being has the same access to God.”
That being said, Bieber has a lot of praise for his pastor Judah Smith at the celebrity-beloved Churchome.
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“He put our involvement first,” he described. “It was something I always dreamed of because my family was broken… My whole life, I had a ……

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