Justin Bieber Awkwardly Forgets The Words To ‘Sorry’ Over the course of NYE Concert Before Debuting New Song ‘Anyone’

Over the course of his first live concert in three years — which took place on New Year’s Eve — Justin Bieber forgot the lyrics to one of his most famous songs, ‘Sorry.’

Hopefully it’s not actually too late to say sorry. Justin Bieber, 26, forgot the lyrics to his own hit song, “Sorry,” over the course of the pop star’s New Year’s Eve concert called T-Mobile Presents: NYE Live with Justin Bieber. To be fair, it was Justin’s first live concert since 2017, so he hasn’t sang the song on a stage in quite some time.

As the name of his song suggests, Justin is not afraid to own up to his mistakes. “I FORGOT THE WORDS,” he yelled on the stage on top of the Beverly Hilton hotel in Los Angeles, and many others called out Justin’s faux pas on Twitter as well. “Not Justin Bieber forgetting the lyrics to Sorry,” ……

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