JT Shuts Down Claims Of Beef With Nicki Minaj On Instagram Live

Children really don’t have any chill! They literally say the darndest things and whatever comes to their minds. Tonight JT one half of the City Girls went live with one of their biggest little admirers, Logan. Logan quickly stole the show when he asked JT about her involvement with Nicki Minaj.
Logan said, “I honestly was shocked that you’ve never done a song with Nicki Minaj. Do you have any beef with her?” JT laughed and responded, “Ohh no, baby, I don’t have any beef with Nicki.” She asked Logan if he liked Nicki Minaj, and he said yes, and JT said that she loved Nicki too.
Logan continued speaking to JT. He stated, “I don’t understand if I can see ya’ll doing a song together if y’all do, that’s good, but I don’t see y’all doing a song together.” JT ……

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