Joseph Gordon-Levitt Dedicates Hilarious Debate-Inspired Song To The ‘Last Undecided Voter’

Actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt has put together a brilliant song inspired by the final presidential debate, with both Donald Trump and Joe Biden trading ‘lyrics’ from their intense exchanges.

Actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt just created one of the most interesting “opinion” pieces of the 2020 presidential race. The Dark Knight Rises star put together a video with the media team at the New York Times where he sang an ode to the final 2020 presidential debate that he wishes will appeal to the “last undecided voter.” The 39-year-old actor used his musical chops to sing the catchy chorus, whil  using snippets of President Donald Trump and ex Vice President Joe Biden‘s Oct. 22 debate statements spliced together to create “lyrics.”

“Good evening. Why are we even here, you’re thinking,” Joseph says into the camera in the the opening. He describes how “everyone has al…

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