Jon Hamm Is Too Busy Jamming Out To Eels’ ‘Are We Alright Again’ To Notice This Break-In

By Shakiel Mahjouri. 2 hours ago You comprehend “Are We Alright Again” must be good if Jon Hamm likes it.
Hamm stars in Eels’ music video for the new track. In the Greg Barnes-directed video, Hamm sports a pair of headphones and jams out to the song. Decked out in and surrounded by Eels memorabilia, the “Mad Men” star is oblivious to the break-in around him.
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This is not the first time Hamm has appeared in a music video this month. Back in October, the loved actor had a cameo in Jeff Tweedy’s “Gwendolyn” visuals.
The Eels music video also stars Mike Mitchell, who co-starred with Eels frontman Mark Oliver Everett in the Netflix series “Love”.
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“Are We Alright Again” is featured on Eels’ new album, Earth to Dora.

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