Jon Bon Jovi Admits He Didn’t Understand What ‘Sex And The City’ Was Before Appearing On The Show

By Sarah Curran. 1 sec ago Jon Bon Jovi is unveiling how he never watched “Sex and the City” before making a cameo appearance on the show in 1999.
The “Livin’ On A Prayer” singer called into SiriusXM’s “Andy Cohen Live” on Monday to talk about his current single, “Story of Love”. 
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Over the course of the conversation, the Bon Jovi frontman looked back on the time he took a break from recording hit songs to star in “Games People Play”, a season two episode of “Sex and the City”. 
“I started taking these episodes of TV shows to get out there and have more people see me to put me in their films,” he recalled. “I didn’t understand what ‘Sex and the City’ was. It was the beginning of the second season and I was not caught up on the first one, so ……

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