Jeopardy! Alumni SLAM Winner For Purportedly Making White Supremacy Gesture – But He Insists He Was Just Bragging! – Perez Hilton

A Jeopardy! winner is defending himself from over 400 ex participants after he flashed what many perceived to be a white power icon over the course of his introduction on the game show.
On Wednesday, a group of 467 ex contestants issued an open letter on Medium demanding “a statement and a disavowal” of the actions of Kelly Donohue, who the letter accuses of performing a racist gesture “either intentionally or unintentionally” on two separate occasions this week.
The letter, which also condemned Donohue and the show’s writers over the use of a derogatory term for the Romani culture, mentioned how the contestant “held his thumb and forefinger together with his other three fingers extended and palm facing inward, and he tapped his chest” at the start of his fourth game. It stated:
“This, whether intentional or not, resembled very closely a gesture that has been coopted by white power groups, alt right groups, ……

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