Jennifer Lopez Celebrated Joe Biden’s Election Win With An Sentimental Instagram Story

“God bless, everybody.”

Jennifer Lopez posted a voting selfie earlier this week while supporting Joe Biden and Kamala Harris’ campaign — and she was literally moved to tears by their historic win.

After the election was called for Biden and Harris, J.Lo posted an sentimental Instagram Story where she cried “tears of happiness” while giving thanks for the outcome.

“I’m just crying tears of happiness. It is an breathtaking breathtaking day. God bless everybody.” – @JLo

Jennifer Lopez’s response to Joe Biden and Kamala Harris being announced at the next President and Vice President.

07:13 PM – 07 Nov 2020

@TheCruzShow / Twitter / Via Twitter: @TheCruzShow

J.Lo also posted a video of her dancing onstage over the course of a concert with the caption “#SHMOOD! PRESIDENT BIDEN!!!!!!! VICE PRESIDENT KAMALA HARRIS!!!!!!”.

“I hope we can all come together, love each other, and appreciate each other,” she said on her IG Story. “It’s a new ……

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