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Jamie Lynn Spears clarifies comments blaming Tesla for the ‘devastating and tragic’ death of her felines

Local Journalism InitiativeA long-term-care PSW needs to work 50 hours a week or more to afford the cost of living in Toronto. A look at the numbersIn order for a personal support employee employed in a long-term-care home to make ends meet in Toronto, they’d have to clock at least 50 hours every week. Here’s how the numbers break down: PSWs in unionized long-term-care abodes start at about $20.80 per hour, and can earn up to about $22 hourly. If they are paid for 37.5 hours of work per week, they will gross $40,560 in a year at the starting rate, but the take home after tax is closer to $32,000. But this is over $10,000 short of the 2020 cost of living in Toronto, estimated by lowestrates.ca. The insurance company found that for a single person renting a one-bedroom apartment, the cost of living is close to $42,500. Meanwhile, in 2015, $55,117 was the median income for single-adult ……

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