Inauguration Stage Damaged in Capitol Riot, Months of Work Lost

Nothing was spared in or around the Capitol in the chaos and destruction triggered by President Trump … including the Inauguration stage which suffered significant damage.
TMZ got these images showing the stage’s siding torn to shreds … as it appears the insurrectionists were gung-ho to do maximum damage. The stage itself is still standing, but it’s gonna need a lot of repairs.

In a move that’s clearly coming one day too late … security’s erecting 8-foot high fencing. You can see the sheeting for the fences stacked up, and it will be going up throughout Thursday.
There are also guards now standing watch over the construction that had been going on for at least 5 months.

As we reported … work had been preparing on the West Front of the Capitol. At the time, it was hard to tell what the setup would look like … whether it would be a scaled-down version of ……

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