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‘I WAS BLOWN AWAY’: Guitar made in 1950s worth more than B.C. family imagined

Article content continued“It’s a played instrument, you understand. It’s been loved. If it could talk, it would tell probably about hundreds of concerts played throughout its life,” Miltimore said.
He said his research from the serial number disclosed the electric Gretsch, or Roundup 6130, was made in 1955 and comparable to the instrument later played by country legend Chet Atkins.
“It’s a hollow-bodied guitar and a lot of companies were doing solid bodies at that time,” Miltimore said, adding a hollow instrument was used for the country style of picking that Atkins popularized.
The guitar that Latheur thought may be worth $200 is actually valued at between $12,000 and $26,000, Miltimore said, adding about 400 of the instruments were made in the 1950s.
“I was blown away,” Latheur said.

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