How India Oxenberg went from an aspiring entrepreneur with dreams of launching a catering business to being lured into a cult

India Oxenberg told Business Insider that her entrepreneurial dream of opening a catering business drew her to Nxivm before she knew it was a cult. 
She spent seven years in the Nxivm cult, and alleged she was forced to become a “slave” to cult leader Keith Raniere, which included being branded with Raniere’s initials.
After she broke free, she said Nxivm’s promise of a “practical MBA” had initially prompted her to join. 
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At 19 years old, India Oxenberg’s dream was to start a catering business in Los Angeles. She had dropped out of college, and was looking for some direction on how to become a successful entrepreneur.
So when her mom, the ex “Dynasty” star Catherine Oxenberg, mentioned a new class called the “Executive Success Program run by Nxivm,” she was instantly interested. 
“I felt like I was missing a lot of skills,” Oxenberg, ……

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