How crime rates over the course of COVID compare to the Spanish Flu | Boing Boing

In addition to all the other turmoil of the year, 2020 also saw an increase in homicides, a number which has in other ways been steadily decreasing for years (although the change is not limited to “Democrat-run cities”). There are a lot of theories for why this may have been the case. Was it because of the desperation brought on by COVID-19? An immediate result of the “Defund Police” campaign in spite of the fact that it didn’t promptly defund the police? The increase of gun sales across the nation? Overwhelmed hospitals that could have in other ways saved lives?Sure, they’re all possible (and we won’t understand the full story until all of the data is out anyway, which it’s not, yet). Regardless of the reply: a weird fluke of a year does not indicate a trend in data. Because at the same time, according to Wired, drug crimes dropped by 65 percent, and property and violent ……

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