How British Intelligence manufactured a Satanic Panic in Northern Ireland | Boing Boing

The British government once launched a PsyOps campaign against the Provisional IRA that attempted to frame them as devil-worshipping Cultists. They even went as far as having Intelligence Agents research Crowley and other occultists in order to accurately replicate “black masses” and other rituals, which they staged throughout the Northern Irish countryside.I learned this while listening to a BBC Podcast from 2010 about the propaganda wars over the course of the Troubles in Northern Ireland:

Mike Thomson presents the series using documentary evidence to throw new light on past events. With the Bloody Sunday Inquiry due to submit its report to the secretary of state for Northern Ireland, Mike investigates how the tragic events of 30th January 1972 sparked a murky propaganda battle which was fought in the globe’s media. Mike discovers how a secretive foreign office department working alongside a covert army intelligence unit spun tales against Republicans and Loyalists in the years ……

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