How About Time’s Time Travel Works

How About Time's Time Travel Works

Hello again, fellow time travelers! Welcome back to the lab for another installment of getting you from here to there in the now and then. And this time, I promise you, we’re sticking to the schedule. I’ve been very careful about my messages and texts for the last week after that Tenet rundown , and it looks like Future Mike doesn’t have any special assignments involving the next hot ticket at the box office. So, as planned, this week’s romp through the timeline is the utterly charming, and devastatingly beautiful About Time , from writer/director Richard Curtis .

Before we go too far, don’t forget to bone up on some of our past trips into time travel, as everything from Back to the Future to Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure has been examined in our corner of the CinemaBlend offices. It might be our past, but it could be your […]

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