Hollywood Elite Cutting COVID Vaccination Lines By Any Means Possible

The rich and powerful are skipping to the front of the line to get the COVID-19 vaccine … and Hollywood’s elite are going to great lengths to get the shots.
Tinseltown’s titans are using every trick in the book to get vaccinated … private and boutique physicians, concierge health services, private flights to Florida for vaccine tourism … and those are just the legal avenues, according to Variety.
In Beverly Hills, Dr. Robert Huizenga claims his practice is getting offered five-figure bribes from folks desperate to get the shots, including power players in the entertainment sector. The doc also told Variety people are trying to skip the vaccine lines by dubiously getting hired in the healthcare sector.
There’s also allegations of big-time hospital donors trying to twist arms for early access to vaccines, and wealthy clients pressuring concierge docs to find the hookup.
The mad dash for vaccines in California are partly a ……

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