‘His boy has a heart condition so we could relate’: 11-year-old Ottawa podcast host interviews Jimmy Kimmel

OTTAWA — An 11-year-old Ottawa boy pursuing a career hosting a podcast booked an extra special star guest this week. 
Zander Zatylny got to speak to late night show host Jimmy Kimmel on Friday for his “Z Podcasts.” 
“I got a microphone as a late birthday present, and me and my father were like, ‘Imagine if we start interviewing people’ and I just started interviewing people,” says Zatylny. 
Zatylny says shares a special bond with the host of ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live!’ Zatylny was born with a exclusive heart disease that has required treatment since birth.
“I had my first open heart surgery when I was 22 months old,” says Zatylny. 
Kimmel has been open about his 3-year-old boy Billy’s congenital heart condition.
“I was thrilled, my school is really thrilled. It was just an honour, and his boy Billy has a heart condition so I could relate,” said Zatylyn.


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