Here’s How The “Julie And The Phantoms” Characters Compare To The Original Show

The Netflix show is based on a Brazilian series from 2011.

Julie and the Phantoms is a delightful musical dramedy on Netflix about a teen girl who meets a trio of ghosts from the ’90s and joins their band.

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It’s actually based on a Brazilian show, Julie e os Fantasmas, which had 26 episodes that aired in 2011 and 2012. But while the premise and name are the same, there are lots of little differences between the two shows.

Julie is a teen girl with musical ambitions and stage fright in both versions of the show.

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However, in Julie e os Fantasmas, her mom is still alive — a huge difference, considering how much grief informs Julie and the Phantoms, and especially Julie’s character and journey.Most of Julie’s plot in Julie e os Fantasmas centers around Julie’s everyday issues, dealing with her crush on a boy at ……

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