Here’s How Mother Wrote Off Star Anna Faris In the Season 8 Premiere

While Faris didn’t appear, there were tears over her departure.

CBS’ “Mother” had the daunting task of writing off one of the show’s major stars without her involvement in its Season 8 premiere on Thursday night.
Anna Faris announced she would not be coming back to the show between seasons earlier this year, something which the sitcom addressed right off the bat in its opener last night.
The episode started with Bonnie (Allison Janney) and husband Adam (William Fichtner) driving back home from the airport, after they had dropped off Christy (Faris) to fly to DC for college. Bonnie later disclosed Christy got a free ride to Georgetown Law School.


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“How you doing over there?” Adam asked his wife, who said she was, “good, really good. Is it weird that I’m good?”
“Every mother dreams of the day when they drop their 42 ……

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