Her Paradise! Inside Fran Drescher’s Oceanfront Palace in Malibu

Fran Drescher‘s home is more than just a place to live. Her oceanfront Malibu palace is the Nanny actress’ healing place. Fran turned the two-story residence into her ultimate paradise after going through a separation and a battle with cancer.
The Living with Fran star has resided in the beautiful property on the California coast for a number of years. Fran told the New York Post she yearned to move as far away from New York as possible after splitting from her second husband, Shiva Ayyadurai, in September 2016.

“I was still in a lot of pain from my marriage and I needed security,” she described to the outlet in October 2020. “I needed the ions from the water. I needed a sanctuary.” After coming across the three-bedroom abode in Malibu, she felt a “magical” vortex “as soon” as she walked in.
The Happily Divorced alum’s house features a stunning ……

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