Harry Styles Hung Out At A Fan’s House While She Wasn’t Home After His Car Broke Down

… and there are images to prove it.

Harry Styles’ recent drop in at a fan’s house is straight out of a film!
Earlier this week, a longtime fan named Theadora disclosed that Harry had stopped by her family’s home after encountering a bit of car trouble — except it all went down when she wasn’t around.
When her dad’s buddy realized that the star was having automotive issues outside, he offered Harry both his assistance and a place to stay while the vehicle was being repaired.
Harry took the man up on his offer and hung out at Theadora’s home while the car was being fixed, as evidenced by some charming photographs shared by the fan. In the snaps, Harry can be seen standing in Theodora’s room and saying hello to her fish, who was coincidentally named after the star.


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