Halle Berry Drops The F-Bomb As She Discloses She Doesn’t Like All Of Her BFF’s Mates

Halle Berry disclosed she doesn’t like ‘a lot’ of her best buddy Lindsay Flores’ ‘f*****g mates’ when the duo sat down for a fun chat about friendships in a new video.

Halle Berry, 54, got the attention of a lot of her followers when she totally outright said a swear word in her latest video! The stunning actress sat down with her best buddy Lindsay Flores for the Oct. 20th Instagram clip called Bad & Booshy, which featured them discussing their over 20-year friendship as well as answering questions about friendship in general as they enjoyed drinks. At one point, when mentioning one another’s other mates, Halle dropped the f-bomb as she admitted to not liking all of Lindsay’s pals.

“I don’t like a lot of her f***ing mates. I’m gonna shoot you straight,” she said in the middle of the video before Lindsay ……

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