Greatly popular Transgender ‘Rolling Ray’s Wig Catches On Fire: BADLY BURNED!! (Video)

MTO News has validated that the greatly popular transgender social media influencer Rolling Ray was rushed to the hospital intensive care unit after his wig caught fire.

Rolling Ray has the reputation as a person who often engages in arguments. His most recent recent back and forth with the City Girls – he made some harsh comments about the deceased baby of one o the members.
Yesterday it appears that Rolling Ray got some of his karma.
The wheelchair-bound superstar went on Instagram Live where he showed his extensive injuries. “I’m in a hospital. Got burnt. My wig caught on fire,” he said in a video shared on The Shade Room. In another clip posted to Twitter, Ray was choked up as he added, “Burnt my whole skin. Legs, arms, feet, and everything. I love y’all and I want y’all to keep me in y’all prayers.”

As he showed off his ……

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