Granddad’s $46k Hidden Stash Found by Pro Treasure Hunter Right Before Family Sells Home

He came across the long-rumored lockbox hidden under the attic floorboards.
A Massachusetts family fable about their grandfather’s buried treasure has turned out to be true.
Professional treasure hunter Keith Wille was hired by the tribe to do one final sweep of their home before they sold it — and he struck gold.
Documenting his exhilarating find on his YouTube channel, Wille described that the family had long suspected their pharmacist granddad had squirreled away a stack of cash somewhere in the home, but they’d never been able to find it.
They suspected it was in the attic; as the rumor went, it was in a spot that if you shone a light from underneath, you would be able to see it from a crack above. But in spite of many searches — even hiring a construction contractor to haul up floorboards — they were fruitless.
Enter Wille.
In his video, he assesses the scene, and ……

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