Grace Kinstler Gets Everyone Smiling With ‘Happy’ Cover On ‘American Idol’

Grande Kinstler went all out to open the Top 12 competition.
On Sunday’s “American Idol”, the 20-year-old went in an unexpected direction, taking on Pharrell Williams’ hit “Happy” to kick off the show.
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The peppy performance was ideal for showing off Kinstler’s incredible vocal talent, and she had the audience dancing in their seats and the judges smiling.
But while the judges appreciated the singer’s voice, they did find the choice of song left something to be desired.
“I suggested to lock into more of those iconic songs,” Katy Perry said. “I’m just thinking about what kind of record you’re going to make after ‘American Idol’… I’m trying to tap into who you are as an artist. You can sing anything, but what are you going to say?”

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