Gizelle Bryant Talks Monique Samuels’ Exit From ‘RHOP’

Since Real Housewives of Potomac star Monique Samuels announced that she had quit the show and would not be coming back, Gizelle Bryant has been uncharacteristically quiet.


Over the course of an interview, she finally disclosed how she feels about the news:
“I didn’t comprehend one way or the other. People have asked me so many times like, ‘Do you want her to come back? What is, what is…’ You comprehend, all of those things about whether or not she’s gonna return,” she told Pop Culture. “And I’m like I have no say over that. I have no say who’s on the show. But the fact that she’s not is I think a breath of fresh air. I think we all just need to move forward. And move on and move past what happened in season 5. Season 5 was a mess.”

It’s not surprising. At the season five ……

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