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The microscope might have been the first smart object, even back in the days before phones and WiFi connectivity ruled our globe. Because think about it…is there really anything smarter than a microscope?But, we’re now living in such an interesting age that now we’ve come up with a way to make a microscope a smart microscope. And it’s really pretty glorious.
This WiFi Digital Microscope from Mesay is just as cool to check out as you would think. Suitable for any kid or adult with an interest in the microscopic globe, this instrument can provide between 50, and all the way up to 1,000, times magnification on any object. Whether it’s for schoolwork, up-close examination of a collectible, or even just to marvel at the breathtaking insect globe, this device has the power to bring almost everything to larger-than-life life. It’s also packing an 8 LED light array with adjustable brightness, ……

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