Five Video Games That Will Replace Bingo in Retirement Homes

Arcade Games

I’ve seen a Pacman game at a retirement home already. Eventually there will be serious rivalry over who has the most bitchin’ gaming PC.

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Doom 3, or Whatever’s New

One of the many reasons I nope out of DOOM 3 - GIF on Imgur

When I was working tech support a lifetime ago, Doom3 was new and a very old guy in his retirement home was playing it with his roommate.

So I guess we’ll just be playing whatever is new…

How do you couch coop a single player game you ask? Well the one guy had poor eyesight, but the other one didn’t have his motor skills, so they worked together as spotter and gunner. Was such a cool story I remember his name to this day.

Nintendo Wii Games

I used to work as a caregiver years ago, it was around when the Wii was fairly new as well. I managed to save for one cause I really liked it and I wanted my residents to play as well.

Wii Bowling For Seniors GIF | Gfycat

A lot of them enjoyed Wii Sports and the more able residents played Just Dance as well. I had an older gentleman who loved to play Super Mario that once all the other residents are asleep, him and I would play for an hour before he goes to bed as well. I miss them not going to lie.

Minecraft or Stardew Valley

 I feel like as people get older their reaction times and other necessary things to play games like Mario Kart and Smash Bros start to get worse so they would favor more chill games.

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Dungeons & Dragons

Think about it- everyone lives in the same place, nobody has work or school schedule to plan around… I might actually be able to get a reliable weekly game going.

No Spoilers] Stranger Things Season 3 Summed Up : dndmemes

What kind of video game would you like to play once you retire? Let us know in the comments!

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