Five Products People Would Stop Buying If They Knew How It Was Made

1. Coffee & Cockroaches

It’s usually impossible to remove cockroach infestations from tonnes of bags of coffee. So producers typically grind them up with the coffee beans. Nothing to fret about though, cockroaches are a rather high protein snack.

Your cup of coffee probably contains ground-up cockroaches - Culture

2. Sausages

Hot dog skins are actually made from the animal’s rectum. The sausage itself is typically made of low-grade trimmings, fat, head meat, feet, skin, blood & liver. Facts aside, it does taste great!

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3. Child Labor Chocolate

Child slaves are being forcibly employed (without pay) in Western African cocoa farms. Children who perform poorly or try to escape are often severely beaten. You can read more about the abuse, abduction and machete-related injuries here.

Human trafficking and child labor in the chocolate industry

4. Basic Legal Services

 A lot of times lawyers are just filling in blanks from a template when drafting documents, and many problems can be resolved with a two minute online search if you know where to look.

If the public had the knowledge of and access to the resources available to lawyers, there’s an awful lot people could figure out for themselves.

I'm not a big city lawyer... - GIF on Imgur

5. Perfumes & Fragrance

A lot of perfumes are made out of musk glands that come from deer. They are killed in order to get it and it’s not pleasant.

Also some vanilla flavoring uses a liquid that comes out from the base of a beavers tail. It’s not a pleasant experience for them either.

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Know of any other similar sketchy products? Let us know in the comments!

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