First the lockdown, now this? Montreal bar wants court dates postponed

Article contentMeyer Billurcu just wants the city to cut him a break.
As co-owner of indie concert venue Bar Le Ritz PDB, which has not reopened since the beginning of the COVID-19 lockdown in March, he’s asked for the city to postpone two coming court dates to contest fines for noise complaints.

The city rejected his request to put off the first hearing, Nov. 4, and has not yet responded regarding the second one, on Nov. 19.
“With everything going on — we’ve been closed seven months,” Billurcu said. “I can’t believe this is something they’re trying to pursue.”
The fines are for $985 each, which is money the bar just doesn’t have right now, he described. Although Le Ritz PDB could have opened when rules for bars relaxed over the course of the summer, Billurcu and his partners decided to remain closed.
“With the rules that you have to keep two ……

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