Feds Claim Casanova Trafficked Crack Cocaine In And Around NYC-Faces Up To Life In Prison With A Mandatory Minimum Of 10 Years (Exclusive Details) – The Shade Room

TSR Exclusive Details: Casanova is currently presumed to be MIA right now after 17 of his alleged fellow “Untouchable Gorilla Stone Nation” Gang members were arrested today.
Casanova is tied to a RICO case connected to the murder of a 15-year-old among other violent and drug crimes as well as Covid-19 related scams.
But more specifically pertaining to Casanova’s charges, he’s looking at life in prison if convicted with a mandatory minimum of 10 years for supposedly trafficking crack cocaine, cocaine and marijuana in and around New York City’s boroughs, according to the 32-page unsealed indictment obtained by The Shade Room.

The feds allege that for at least 10 years, Casanova and his gang members conspired to break narcotics laws and committed violent acts to promote the standing and reputation of Gorilla Stone amongst rival gangs.
The feds are also trying to ding Casanova for supposedly carrying a firearm when ……

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