Falcon and Winter Soldier: Madripoor, Zemo, Sharon Carter and a Surprise MCU Guest Star

Unlikely allies lead to surprise encounters with old buddies in a lawless land — or are they buddies anymore?

All the disparate plot facets of “The Falcon and the Winter Soldier” came together by the end of this hour as Sam and Bucky found themselves facing down an old enemy, an old ally and even a surprise guest star from the larger MCU.
Once again, the latest installment of Marvel’s action-packed Disney+ series lit up social media, with followers clearly more thrilled about the return of Daniel Bruhl as the deliciously villainous Baron Helmut Zemo than anything else that happened.


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Zemo was trending number one on Twitter as the episode was airing, above even the show itself. Also trending were fellow guest star Emily VanCamp’s Sharon Carter. The last time she helped ……

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