Faithe Herman Wants ‘This Is Us’ To Explore Annie’s Backstory: ’She’s Always Observing’

As the new generation of Pearson children begin exploring powerful and insightful storylines in Season 5 of “This Is Us”, Faithe Herman wishes her character, AKA the youngest Pearson, will have a flashback episode to disclose her rollercoaster of emotions when her grandfather (Ron Cephas Jones) unexpectedly entered her young life and soon after, passed away.
“I’d love to see how Annie felt growing up,” Herman told ET Canada. “She’s always around her family, and she’s always observing what’s going on, so it would be nice to see how she felt.”
“Like when her grandpa passed away, she was the one who talked her grandpa out of leaving the house, so I’d like to see how she felt on her side. That would be really nice,” she added.
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Since the series premiered in 2016, the NBC ……

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