Facial Recognition, Social Media Scouring Used to Vet National Guard

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With 25,000 National Guard members set to safeguard D.C. for Joe Biden’s inauguration, each member has been subject to a heavy vetting, which includes high-tech facial recognition.
Federal law enforcement sources tell us … FBI vetting — which is normal for high-security events — begins by checking social media accounts, looking for connections to extremist groups.
Along with reviewing posts, comments and pictures … we’re told the feds are using facial recognition software to track the activities of guardsmen and women, specifically searching for pictures or videos tying them to radical activities.

Our sources say all 21,000+ National Guard members currently in D.C. — who have come in from all 50 states — have been scrutinized by facial recognition and other high-tech methods to determine if they had any involvement — direct or indirect — in the Capitol riots.
As for how that works … all Guard members were required to take ……

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