Ex LHHH Cast Member Max Lux Denies Claims Of Alleged Abuse

Last night ex “Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood” cast member Brandi Boyd went live on Instagram and shared an alleged domestic incident between her and her husband, Max Lux. Brandi had a dark screen, so you couldn’t see what was going on, but the audio in the background gave insight into what was going on. Viewers were able to hear clearly their children crying and Max yelling verbal remarks at Brandi.
Audio caught Max saying, “I ain’t your motherf****in’ clumsy a**, goofy a** ni**a bi**h. I’m not down for it. B***h, f**k you… You got that through your head yet? You got that through your head, b**ch? I’m not with your program.”
There was heavy breathing over the course of the live, and Brandi says something to Max, and he tells her to “be outta here.” Brandi continues saying, “Never again will you ……

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