Everything We Understand About This Is Us’ Flash-Forward Scenes at Kevin’s House

Although This Is Us is famous for skipping around to distinct time periods, it’s the look into the future that has everyone talking.
The scene has been set: The family is gathered at Kevin’s (Justin Hartley) very nice home and it’s around the year 2032 — 12 years after the Big Three’s 40th birthday. The group is apparently there to say farewell to an ailing Rebecca (Mandy Moore), who is lying in bed with Jack’s brother, Nicky (Griffin Dunne), by her side.
Rebecca’s husband, Miguel (Jon Huertas), is nowhere to be seen, and Nicky is noticeably dressed in a wedding band on his left hand — two facts that have created a theory on the Internet: Rebecca, who is sick with dementia, believes that Nicky is actually Jack (Milo Ventimiglia) and they are letting her believe this, in spite of Jack dying years prior.
“I mean, that’s pretty cool. Speaking ……

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