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Every reason women shouldn’t vote, from 1917 | Boing Boing

The Public Domain Review shared this archive of Suffragette pamphlet from 1917 titled, This Little Book Contains Every Reason Why Women Should Not Vote.It is, arguably unsurprisingly, totally blank.

Here’s a little more context:

In spite of its novelty angle, this little book from the National Woman Suffrage Publishing Company (the publishing arm of the National Woman Suffrage Association) was born from a very serious place: the struggle to gain women the right to vote in the United States. The N. W. S. A. published a range of agitprop, not just comedy items. Virginia Commonwealth University has a collection of texts from the New York-based organisation, including the Headquarters News Letter, an A-B-C of Organization, a guide to fundraising, and information brochures on the proposed changes to the Constitution. There are leaflets targeting specific audiences too: teachers, farmers’ wives, Catholics, Southern white women concerned about “the Negro Vote”. More general-audience books, such ……

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